Obtaining a Business License

Applying for a Business License

All businesses operating in King George and grossing $2,500 or more during the calendar year are required to have a business license prior to beginning.  This includes home based businesses, independent contractors, self-employed individuals, businesses without employees, and part-time businesses. Business licenses are issued by the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office.  Prior to applying for a business license, the following steps are required and can be done in the same day if arrangements are made to do so:

  1. Contact the King George Zoning Department at 540-775-7111 for approval of the
    business location.
  2. If using a fictitious name for the business, contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court office at 540-775-3322 to register the fictitious name.

Only after these two steps are completed and all documentation is submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office will a King George County Business License be issued. Based on the type of business, there may be additional forms and documents that will need to be submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office.

License Information

While the minimum annual calendar tax for a business license is $25, the actual amount paid by a business varies based on the type of business being conducted and the total amount of gross receipts.  All business licenses are renewed annually with the renewal and payment due date being, March 1st.  

Additional Information

For more information on applicable rates, contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office at 540-775-4664.  A copy of King George’s Business License Application (PDF) is available for download. Businesses cannot apply online but can either come to the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office or email the required information to the office.